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GSC Agribusiness is the Livestock Production and Management arm of parent company GSC Financial, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In August 2012, GSC Financial entered into an agreement to operate and manage the Feed and Livestock assets of Juergens Produce and Feed, as a way to more vertically integrate their business model.

The Iowa operation brought nearly 100 combined years of production and management experience to the GSC portfolio. We currently employ a staff of 100 full time employees plus 35 outside contract employees.

In today’s fast paced business world, GSC Agribusiness strives to be a leader in not only production but also innovation. With Gross Sales topping 70 million dollars annually, our management team’s prudent financial management has resulted in powerful resilience and staying power throughout times of adversity, and exponential, well-designed growth.

GSC Agribusiness prides itself on being an industry leader in both livestock management, and manufacturing capabilities. Our production team oversees 8500 head of breeding stock, including all the production from those animals. Annually, we market 200,000 plus animals in a 3 state trade area.