Welcome to SunnyBrook of Carroll. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do the right thing. Some decisions I make aren’t terribly important, like what dessert to have. But others may involve a choice between right and wrong – these are decisions that I don’t take lightly. It has become clear to me over my six years at SunnyBrook, that having the courage to do what’s right amounts to many things. Creating a place that feels like home. Clean, bright rooms for both privacy and community. Healthy and tasty home-style food. Keeping your loved ones safe and secure. Providing them with professional support for both the physical and mental anguishes of aging. But, most of all, treating people with the respect and dignity that everyone deserves. At SunnyBrook, our residents do not live where we work — we work where they live. I feel honored to provide an unwavering focus and devotion to the highest quality of life and care for our residents, and I want to thank our team members for keeping this vision a reality.